The people part of personalization comes first

Publishing has traditionally taken a single expression of truth, okay call it content, and distributed it on a one-to-many basis. Today, personalization has the potential to turn this inside out, making those seeking information the center of this process, and assembling ad hoc experiences around them in response to contextual cues.

This calls for more than toggling-on some settings and just letting data magically create experiences. Connective DX’s Dave Wieneke will share real world accounts of a higher education organization’s long journey to personalize their main website, and of a well-known business publisher that took on the at-scale personalization of client messaging.

In both cases, we’ll look at how personalization requires new ways of thinking about audiences, and may require new ways of working and creating experiences that substantiate brands.

Techniques to be described:

Date: May 5, 2016 Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm Dave Wieneke Dave Wieneke (USA)