Janus Boye Janus Boye (DK)

Founder & moderator, J. Boye

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When Brother, Nordea, Red Bull, Statoil or WHO need help managing their websites or intranet, they turn to Janus Boye. Apart from moderating J. Boye groups, Janus is working on steering large, complex and critical digital projects through to successful completion. He has for example helped customers change system integrator midway through trouble-ridden projects, thus reducing risk and costs dramatically.

Janus is a frequent speaker at industry events and has spoken at conferences in North America, Europe and Asia. He chairs the internationally recognized J. Boye Conferences held since 2005 in Aarhus, Denmark and since 2009 in Philadelphia, US.

As founder and managing director at J. Boye, Janus has grown the business from an office at home in 2003 to a global operation today and is widely regarded as a expert on managing the Web and making the best use of Web technologies.

A busy author, Janus today focuses mostly on strategy and management. He is writing a book on turning experience into advantage coupled with occasional posts on CMS.

Prior to setting out as an entrepreneur, Janus attended school in Denmark and a year as high school exchange student on Long Island, NY. He subsequently worked 5 years in Germany, including 4 years with an American CMS vendor travelling around Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe in various technical, sales, and product management roles.

Personally and outside work, Janus enjoys running and visiting family and friends. He thrives in Aarhus, Denmark all year round where he resides in an old townhouse with his fiancée, 2 young sons and newborn daughter.

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