John Stepper John Stepper (USA)

Author of "Working Out Loud"

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John was fresh out of Columbia University and was working at Bell Labs, trying to improve how AT&T’s communications centers could be more efficient. There, in addition to making processes better, he found out that they needed to make people feel better too: how they related to their work, their colleagues, and their company. That early project led to a book John co-authored called Successful Reengineering.

Now, twenty years later, there’s even more of an imperative to help people find meaning and fulfillment at work and in their lives. John has found that the best way to do that is working out loud. He has seen – first for himself, then for friends and colleagues he coached, and now in peer support groups around the world – how working out loud helps people become more effective, more connected, and happier.

So now John wants to help millions of people have that experience. The book, the “Working out loud” website, and the working out loud circles are all part of that aspiration. With a little help developing a few skills and habits, everyone can have a better career and life.

John recently gave a TEDx Naveslink talk

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