Lil Sawyer Lil Sawyer (CA)

SharePoint Business Analyst, Grand & Toy

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As a communications technology professional, Lil leverage communication software such as SharePoint or Google Apps to create solutions quickly in rapidly changing business environment. When configured appropriately, these tools can enhance collaboration, increase productivity, strengthen work relationships, minimize pain points sparking creativity and innovation.

In her role as the SharePoint business analyst and project manager she works in close partnership with key stakeholders nationally to go well beyond just a dynamic bilingual corporate intranet to delivering creative custom apps that address specific challenges by leverage the design flexibility native to the SharePoint platform. As the chief SharePoint administrator and architect Lil’s internal clients rely on her to monitor, design and manage the environment to appropriately accommodate content growth. Given the frequent requests for changes, new apps or new sites, as the site’s main SharePoint project manager she ensure projects are completed as requested on time, as well as be the first line of contact for end user support and training across different functions and groups.

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